Regarding pull/push operations

I have created sample java code by which i am adding data into CBLite and by sync gate way i am replicating it in CBServer. but there is creation of metadata taked place which is not usefull,

  • is there any method to only add perticular data in server which is added by the code ?(i dnt want to add that whole metadata in server)
    -how to pull the changes done at server side , on CBLite ??
    (I have already used pull. start by making ref of replication. but it is not working )


Sync Gateway adds the metadata to a document to support replication of multi versioned documents between multiple clients.

It is not possible to use Sync Gateway without the metadata being stored in the Couchbase Server Bucket.

hi, got the answer, after making shadow of synced bucket , we can get only data without meta , :slight_smile: