Recomputation of channels in sync gateway

An hour ago, during development, we observed that sync gateway was really slow. When I checked the logs, I saw that there are many log written like

2020-03-09T06:37:31.808Z [INF] Access: Recomputed channels for “User”: !:1,app …
2020-03-09T06:37:31.817Z [INF] Query: N1QL Query(“access”) took 22.953856746s
2020-03-09T06:37:31.848Z [INF] Query: N1QL Query(“access”) took 22.988909446s
2020-03-09T06:37:31.868Z [INF] Query: N1QL Query(“access”) took 23.020750635s

Most of the daily log files are full of that message as you can see below. We think that sync gw is busy because of that and therefore, we can’t establish a healthy connection. Right now, recomputation stopped but we are wondering what triggered that.

Note: Channels are recomputed only for “User” role. This is a default role which we use in 2192 of the documents. Additionally, version of the sync gw is 2.6.1.