Recommended Dev Env for OS X

On the latest OS/CB version, just looking for suggestions on what I should use for testing web implementations on my macbook. I’ve been trying to get vscode, php debug(ext), php server(ext) xdebug(ext) and couchbase php sdk to work but I haven’t managed to get it working yet.

Looking for any suggestions. I imagine I’ve left out a lot of important details, new to this, I’ll answer any questions as best I can.

The extension itself does not have any limitations. Maybe it is just your particular environment misconfiguration? Could you describe what php runtime did you use? How did you configure the server? What errors did you see? Also include absolute paths of runtimes, configs, extension. MacOS is known to ship broken software by default, so your server might pick up wrong version of apache server, or PHP interpreter when compiling extension, or running your site.