Rebalancing does not work at all

Hi guys,

I was upgrading out cluster to 3.0.1 to see if anything improved in the new major release but it seems that the rebalance feature is still broken.

It gets stuck at 0 percent and it remains like that for days when I cancel the rebalance.

Does anybody have any idea what can I do to with this?

Hi @szopsz, do you have any errors being reported in the logs?
Do you see anything under rebalance progress on any of the SERVER NODES tab (expand the node to see the section)?

This is what I can see in the logs:

Rebalance stopped by user.

Nobody touched the cluster so it is false information (as many other cases with CB).

Thanks - I assume this is the same picture on every nore. any errors in the logs?

All of the nodes are doing the same. No errors in the logs.