Rebalance failed error never goes away

I was deploying an eventing function during a rebalance, and this resulted in an error:

Now the error won’t go away even though my nodes are rebalanced and everything is working correctly:


With Eventing service rebalance and Function lifecycle operations, there are 2 restrictions:

(a) Rebalance isn’t allowed while lifecycle operations(deploy/undeploy) is in progress.
(b) While rebalance is in progress, Function deploy/undeploy is disallowed.

Asked documentation team to capture it - DOC-4383. Another relevant bug - MB-26859

In this case, you probably tried out rebalance while a function was getting deployed/undeployed. This restriction is similar to secondary indexes, where rebalance isn’t allowed when DDL commands are in progress.

Error would go away post a successful rebalance on the cluster.