Reads from multiple servers

We are one e-commerce company ( ) and we use couchbase as a frontend cache mechanism.
We have the following problem: Some keys are more accessed them others (almost every request) such as language, configuration, etc
The master server for this keys is always under an high traffic but the replicas are “sleeping”, to try to solve this problem we are sometimes using the “readFromReplica” to balance the traffic between the servers (we have one couchbase infrastructure with the replication factor of 3.)

Is there any possible solution to this problem in the SDK? This way the balance is transparent to the application.


Not really. And you are right that you can use readFromReplica. Also if those keys are shared among your clients and rarely change, you can keep them on the application side for some period of time to avoid network communication.

The server tries hard to keep hot keys in the memory and serve them as fast as possible though.

Thank you Avsej.
We will try to do some kind of round-robin in the application side.