ReactJS with Couchbase

I am using Node JS and try to leverage it for the ReactJS framework to use in my code with GRAPHQL and Graphene Flask server .
Do we have any handy documentation / blog how to use it as I am facing some issue with the DB Connectivity using Node JS


Hey @eldorado,

Can you elaborate on what you are specifically having issues with? With have our SDK documentation and guides, and there have been various blogs about the use of them. If you’re looking for specific documentation on using the SDK with one of the mentioned frameworks, that would be a different story.

Cheers, Brett

@brett19 - Exact issue has been posted in other thread . If there is no documentation how can I use the SDK for ReactJS framework I would say its difficult for beginners with Couchbase. .
So I exactly pointed out the issue I am running with which I have response and I show the code so I need to know if you can help why Couchbase node library is giving me async hooks error .

Please you can explain the more elaborately to get an clear idea about it
Here is the handy documentation i think so : learn react js framework with couchbase