RBAC for server side's view

Are the RBAC for server side’s views going to be in the roadmap ? RBAC for bucket is really nice, but having in mind that we can’t put bucket inside other bucket, the RBAC is still weak for my need.

Hi @quentin.schroter,

If you check out the Couchbase Server 5.0 developer builds, you’ll see that there are roles for Views Admin.

Do you mean permissions/roles for specific views? Maybe you can explain what you’d like to see by Creating a feature request at http://issues.couchbase.com? Or you could explain it here further, and I could create it for you.

Hi @matthew.groves,

My purpose was to add permissions/roles for specific views. From my point of view, views (indexed) on server are not queryable easily from Couchbase Lite however they are really usefull and powerfull.
I’d like to use views (indexed) to split my database by applications. But all apps have not the same rights. So I’d like to create 4 views per app, one for each CRUD operation. And i’d like to perform request on these apps views from Couchbase Lite.

The features should be to allow query from Couchbase Lite to Couchbase Server View with roles/permissions.

If you understand what I’d like and this is not against the Couchbase’s way, I would appreciate you creating this feature request.

Hi @quentin.schroter,

It seems like this might be a request for mobile team, I’d recommend posting in the mobile forums and seeing if they have something that can help you. I’m going to tag @priya.rajagopal and @jens, as they might be able to help.

Hi @quentin.schroter
Have you looked into implementing a sync function on the sync gateway to handle the access control for each of the CRUD operations. You can configure roles and enforce access control based on the roles
The following links may help you -