Questions about Sync_gateway channels

How to Use Channels in Sync Gateway - The Couchbase Blog

If you look at the 2:16 mark on that link
I can check http://localhost:4985/_admin/db/db/channels~~
Did the page disappear in version 3.1?

Is the channels function used through api in sync_gateway?

Is there a way to look up or sort through channels in couchbase lite?

I’m currently using Couchbase Lite, sync_gateway, and server.
Can channel use be effective in this case?

The Sync Gateway admin UI was deprecated in 2.5 and removed in 3.0.

The suggested approach is to use the REST API for managing users and inspecting documents.

Is there a way to look up or sort through channels in couchbase…?

There’s no efficient way to get a list of all channels, as they’re created/computed dynamically based on sync function access grants, document channel routing and explicit channel grants on all users/roles.

The Admin UI behind the scenes used to run a changes feed to build a list of channels, but this doesn’t scale very well for large numbers of documents.