Question for trying rewrite code

I want to a reconstruction of the project which using couchbase 4.x and visual studio 2015,
The project using that versions and it is this from this project.

But I am using couchbase 6.x and visual studio 2017, when I try to run application showing me an error authentication because from the last version which is created has other commands to authentication and for couchase 5.x is other methods.

I have made all from the beginning but cannot write the code for authorisation and looking for help because I am in hurry for the faculty need,

I can send a pictures what i have writhed on the visual studio, so you can check what is writhed on the link so you can compare…

I have somehow try to fix…

When I press submit it showing me this.

Hi @Minister_Nadvoresni,

I haven’t looked at this sample code in some time, but I checked it out and opened the project in “starter_complete”, which is the finished version.

I made the authentication change as you did, and nothing else, and it seems to be working as expected.

I would recommend checking out the “starter_complete” folder, as you may have skipped a step (or perhaps the tutorial skipped a step).

Thank you for the replay Matthew I will try like you said, but I used Visual studio 2017 and Couchbase server 6.x on my computer, and this example is for Couchbase 4.x and Visual studio 2015, I will check again and hope that it will be successful and also the nuget packages are different that the solution because they are older.

Yes, sorry, I also updated the CouchbaseNetClient version in NuGet, I forgot to mention that :smiley: