Querying the view with map/reduce functions?

Hi there!

I am using CBL 1.4 on Adroid.
I have a view with map and reduce functions and I want to query this view only with map function so according to docs I use setMapOnly(true) but result always empty. If I split this view into two views one with map for normal quering and other with map/reduce for “grouping” docs then everything works fine as expected.

Question: what does setMapOnly and is it possible to query map/reduce view only with map function?

ps The view is very simple: key and value are string values.

Are you changing map functions without altering the version number? If so the results will become invalid. setMapOnly should do exactly what it says, and skip the reduce portion of a map/reduce view so I’m not sure what is happening on your side.

No, I do not change map/reduce functions or version number. I get the view from db only once while initializing db layer.
If I query all docs from db I see those docs I want to retrive (they all have fields used in map function). But if I create query and set “map only” flag then I get empty collection.

Sorry, my bad.
Some documents had field with null value which was emitted as key in this view so they were not indexed.