Querying for the "many" for each "one" in a belongsto relationship

Using the definition of a belongsTo style of 1:M relationship found in this CBL article, How would one query a bucket in such a manner that each one’s many were in its results?

For example, take a bucket with only the following documents:
KV key: One

KV key: Many1
{ "belongsTo": "One" }

KV key: Many2
{ "belongsTo": "One" }

KV key: Many3
{ "belongsTo": "One" }

What query could one use to get something like
[ { "ownedDocuments": ["Many1", "Many2", "Many3"]} ]
Where the row represented corresponds to One. Is this possible to do?

If you are using Couchbase 4.x, you can use N1QL and the NEST operator. Please see the documentation. also see see INDEX JOINs or FLEXIBLE JOINs.