Querying couch base view by multiple values

I have document like below and i want to implement filter based on type in the range of timespan

{ fruit : Mango , timestamp : sometime  , ...},
{ fruit : Apple , timestamp : sometime , ...}
{ fruit : Grape , timestamp : sometime ,....}

My View’s map function will emit like below .

emit ([doc.fruit,doc.timestamp], callingSomeMethodGetFormattedValue());

To query the records in a particular time period by specific fruit type i’m using like
startKey=[‘Mango’,sometime] and endKey=[‘Mango’,sometime]

My requirement is like , i want to filter by two type’s of fruits Mango and Apple ,
Can somebody help me to achieve that ? Can i Pass Array of startKey and endKey !!.
The view i’m using also doing some complex logic’s to format the data , can i achieve it without using N1QL