Querying a design document view returns deleted documents too REST API

Whenever I query a view, it also returns delete documents.

How can this be fixed?

I am doing something like this:

database.queryView(config.designDoc,"viewName", { include_docs : true, key : id })

The delete documents that are returned in the response are not viewable so it confirms they are actually deleted from local database. I get a 404.

There is no includeDeleted at http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/mobile/1.2/develop/references/couchbase-lite/rest-api/design-document/get---db--design--design-doc--view--view-name-/index.html

What OS, what platform of Couchbase Lite, and what version of it?

Cordova/Phonegap app

com.couchbase.lite.phonegap 1.2.1 “Couchbase Lite”

Testing on Android running cordova 6.1.1

@hideki, wasn’t there a Java bug where deleted docs showed up in views? Was it fixed after 1.2.1?

I can not find an existing ticket about this issue. I filed the ticket for this https://github.com/couchbase/couchbase-lite-java-core/issues/1264

Hi @swaheed,

I have tried to reproduce this issue. So far, I could not reproduce the problem.

v1.2.1 has indexing issue with multiple views. I guess that issue could cause this issue too.

If you can use the CBL build from latest master, please try it?
Couchbase Maven Repo: http://files.couchbase.com/maven2/com/couchbase/lite/couchbase-lite-android/0.0.0-766/