Query to select nested object inside an array

I get following result after executing this query:

SELECT d.Catagories FROM default d WHERE d.type = 'Product' 

    "Categories": [
            "CategoryID": "42A05085-30A3-41C6-AF12-1FE2A79A91AE",
            "CategoryType": "N"
            "CategoryID": "970F1F72-0083-4A1B-BB4A-370DBFD62CE7",
            "CategoryType": "C"

What I want is a query like this:

Select Categories.CategoryID, Categories.CategoryType From dxpars Where Categories.CetagoryType = "N"

Which gives only the documents within the Categories array whose CategoryType is equal to “N”.

I don’t know how to show the nested array fields in the select statement so I’m having a hard time building this query. Please help…

SELECT category.CategoryID,  category.CategoryType 
             FROM default AS d 
             UNNEST d.Catagories AS category 
             WHERE d.type = 'Product' AND category.CetagoryType = "N";