Query service is not responding, returned status 504 or -1


We are running Couchbase 5.0.1 Community Edition with following setup:

  • 1 node with Data, Index, Search, Query services
  • 6 nodes with Data service alone
    All nodes are of type i3.xlarge on AWS EC2.

After a rebalance, the query service stops working. When I try the Couchbase query UI, the log shows this message “Error retrieving list of buckets, contacting query service returned status: 504”. Trying the query service either via SDK or REST API just ends up in never-ending requests. I check the log file query.log but there is nothing suspicious.

What can I do in this scenario to get the query service working again? Is there a way to just restart the query service?


To restart, You can stop/restart couchbase on the node where query service is running.
OR you can kill cbq-engine (query service) process it will automatically bring up query service.