Query returning array instead of single object

It’s a very simple query to pick up an array

Select Array from `bucket-name` WHERE meta().id = "id";

however I’m getting back an array of arrays:

        "Array": [

I’m trying to use the result of my query in an another query, so it’s a subquery, if there’s an easier way to do this, maybe LIKE or contains? I’m open to that as well

N1QL is very composable.
You can use this query as a subquery anywhere a query expression is used.
Once you name the result of these expression, you an use it to reference the array.

Some examples:
FROM (Select Array from test WHERE meta().id = “id”) AS t1

FROM 1 AS t1
WHERE EXISTS (Select `Array` from `test` WHERE meta().id = "id")

FROM (Select `Array` from `test` WHERE meta().id = "id") as t1 
    UNNEST t1.`Array` as t1a

Select Array, array_contains(Array, “arrayId1”) from test WHERE meta().id = “id”;