Query profile with profile setting off

I set the query profile off

Then ran a N1QL query, I was expecting that I will not get any phase related information. But i am still getting it. Also noticed that setting it to phases or timings does not change anything.

    "completed_requests": {
      "clientContextID": "rajib_query_off_1",
      "elapsedTime": "8.0495738s",
      "errorCount": 0,
      "node": "",
      "phaseCounts": {
        "fetch": 31592,
        "primaryScan": 31592
      "phaseOperators": {
        "authorize": 1,
        "fetch": 1,
        "filter": 1,
        "primaryScan": 1
      "phaseTimes": {
        "fetch": "8.0185454s",
        "filter": "225.9413ms",
        "parse": "998.5µs",
        "plan": "1.0016ms",
        "primaryScan": "104.4791ms",
        "run": "8.0475737s"
      "remoteAddr": "",
      "requestId": "358bba3a-29cd-4f02-8787-c1dfd579b209",
      "requestTime": "2021-08-26T17:46:31.863-07:00",
      "resultCount": 0,
      "resultSize": 0,
      "scanConsistency": "unbounded",
      "serviceTime": "8.0495738s",
      "state": "completed",
      "statement": "select * from `travel-sample` where id like $id",
      "userAgent": "couchbase-java/3.2.0 (Windows 10 10.0 amd64; OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 11.0.11+9-LTS)",
      "users": "Administrator"

@rajib761 Thank you for using Couchbase products. What is the version of Couchbase Server you are using? You need Enterprise edition I believe for using the Query profile. @Marco_Greco can you please confirm?

I have got the answer for this. i should have looked at meta().plan

@raju, yes that’s correct.