Query on import_docs in multi node Sync Gateway deployment

Document suggests that we should set import_docs to true for only one node.

Could you please suggest what should be the failover strategy with this?

  1. Is there any API through which we can update this property for any node?
  2. We will need to maintain two separate config files? Which are exactly same except this import_docs property?
  3. Is there any plan that sync gateway itself can support this automatically? For example num_importer property which if set to 1, any random sync gateway node can act as importer at a time handling failover scenarios as well?

Sync Gateway 2.7 EE introduced automatic sharding of import for HA and linear throughput scalability for any nodes that have import_docs set to true.


Thanks for such a quick reply!

So this is EE only feature? For CE we need to manually manage?

Got the documentation link here

Thanks again.