Query issue for view

Here is the problem iam trying to solve.Iam using couchbase 3.0 server and java sdk

  • I store tweets from various twitter handles in couchbase document store.Id of the document is tweet unique id(generated chronoligically and hence always incremental)
  • Written a map function which emits twitter handle id as key and portion of tweet as value
  • Now i want to query this map with multiple twitter handle ids and as a response need to get chronologically ordered set of tweets from twitter handle ids i pass in(Iam passing these ids inside keys parameter to view function)

Now iam facing an issue where tweets from various twitter handle ids are grouped together and than returned.(And this is because of the natural sorting which happens on views).I dont want to group tweets from individual twiotter handle ids.I want them to be merged with other handle ids and sorted chronologically.
I cant use n1ql because iam on couchbase 3.0.So is there anyway i can achieve this.
Many thanks for your help

I recommend you look into N1QL. This is a simple orderby clause and views don’t provide a simple way to do this.