Query a geo-view where rows are post-sorted by a latlong

I want to develop a paginated list UI for iOS. The goal is to have documents with locations be displayed from closest to furthest as the user scrolls down the list. So far I have setup a view that emits the CBLGeoPoint as keys. The problem is that i need the view to be sorted by latlongs’ closest to the user’s current location (or last known/recorded location). Obviously this can be naturally sorted by the view since it depends on an external state, and because I need pagination, the sorting of the rows in the view have to be consistent with the location used when querying. Is it possible to post-sort a geo-view by rows closest to a specified location? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sure: implement a custom NSSortDescriptor and add it as the custom sortDescriptor to the query.

Just found out about it earlier and implemented the function, thanks for the response!