Q: _offline sync_gateway toke long time

I execute
curl -X POST "http://localhost:4985/kitchen/_offline" -H "accept: application/json"
to offline the database, but I waited for 20 mins, it still running. I get the sync_gateway database status get result: {"committed_update_seq":46668,"compact_running":false,"db_name":"kitchen","disk_format_version":0,"instance_start_time":1555913852107221,"purge_seq":0,"state":"Stopping","update_seq":46668}
is occurred error? how can I do?



The server is going to remain in the ‘stopping’ state until active requests have been drained. This seems like potentially a scenario where a long-running request is failing to be terminated. Reviewing the Sync Gateway logs to see what’s active at the time the offline call is made would be the first thing to investigate.

hi @adamf,

thanks for you reply. yesterday I wait it for one hours, it still not finish. so I recreate sync_gateway pods(on k8s).run offline again, it execute fast finished. next time I’ll inspect sync_gateway logs.

Best Regards