Q: about k8s Operator update to 1.1

when I update kubernetes Operator from 1.0 to 1.1 version. I follow the official guide finish the update, it seems all normal. but when I inspect the Operator pods use below command:

`kubectl describe pods couchbase-operator-xxxxxxx`

the result has a warning below:

  Type     Reason     Age              From                  Message
  ----     ------     ----             ----                  -------
  Normal   Scheduled  1m               default-scheduler     Successfully assigned default/couchbase-operator-8c554cbc7-fqv5l to k8s-master1
  Normal   Pulling    1m               kubelet, k8s-master1  pulling image "couchbase/operator:1.1.0"
  Normal   Pulled     1m               kubelet, k8s-master1  Successfully pulled image "couchbase/operator:1.1.0"
  Normal   Created    1m               kubelet, k8s-master1  Created container
  Normal   Started    1m               kubelet, k8s-master1  Started container
  Warning  Unhealthy  1m (x5 over 1m)  kubelet, k8s-master1  Readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 500

the 500 error code will effects couchbase running? why has this warning?

expect for your reply.

best Regards!