Python-couchbase: (self)->thrstate == NULL at src/oputil.c:460. Abort

Hello! I’m currently running into this error python-couchbase: (self)->thrstate == NULL at src/oputil.c:460. Abort after running an application with constant reads/writes to couchbase, how would i debug/fix this?

Hello @Magnus can you answer few questions
Which version of the SDK are you using ?
What is your current environment setup and
What operation are you performing ?

the SDK is 2.2.6, because we’re still on python2.7, and i’m fairly sure this is the one place we could get it to run.
Python2.7, centos7 base image running in kubernetes.
I’m fairly sure its caused by the upsert, but the program also gets, so one of them.

@Magnus unfortunately 2.2 series went EOL in 2018. Would recommend updating to a most recent version and try.

Can i use any of the more recent ones with python2.7 tho, can’t really change the entire codebase in a few hours.

The 3.x series requires py 3.5 however I see the 2.5 is listed as compatible with unix system on py 2.7, one thing to remember though is that 2.5 is also coming to End of Support in March 2021

Aha i see! This issue arrose when we updated our couchbase from 4.5 to 6.6 , so it makes sense it’d kinda fail now. I’m gonna try a higher version!

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Doesn’t seem to have worked, tried using couchbase==2.5.1, still same error.

Hi @Magnus sorry to hear that. Any reasons why you want to be on 2.5.1 and not 2.5.12 ? the most recent ones amongst 2.5 series ?

Fixed it a bit earlier today. After looking into our source code, it seems my teammate had changed the bucket lockmode from wait to none, which will ofc cause issues in a threadded application. It’s fixed now, thanks alot!

good to know, did you also move to 2.5.12 ?

Nope, rocking 2.5.1 on that application and 2.2.6 on the rest.