Python couchbase sdk 3 - can't import FMT JSON


I was importing FMT JSON and LOCKMODE_WAIT using below imports at the time I was using sdk 2.5.4 of Python but looks like in python sdk 3 the import is no longer valid.

from couchbase import FMT_JSON
from couchbase import LOCKMODE_WAIT

Can you please suggest if I can import both the things from a different module? Or these are deprecated in the new sdk?


Hello, did someone get a chance to look into this?

Hi, this could probably be clearer in the docs - LOCKMODE is now in ClusterOptions as lock_mode if I recall correctly (this should at least be in the API docs).

FMT_JSON is in couchbase_core._libcouchbase, I think, but is deprecated functionality in SDK3, where there is a new serialisation standard which is soon to be documented. However, this should work for now.

We have added detailed type hints and Sphinx API documentation for this, but plan to have more detailed documentation for much of this up very soon.

Hope that helps, and I hope this didn’t too much confusion,



Thanks Ellis!
I was able to find both of them under “couchbase_core._libcouchbase”

I will keep an eye out on the new serialization standard.