Push works but pull doesn't

I have issue with pull. Push works but pull works only after I configure database, so I need to configure database every time I push something. I am building app where I need to push and pull several documents. Can someone help?

Here is my Replication function

func startPushAndPullReplicationForCurrentUser(){

    guard let remoteUrl = URL.init(string: remoteSyncUrl) else{
    guard let user = self.currentUserCredentials?.user, let password = self.currentUserCredentials?.password else{
    guard let database = database else {
    if pushPullReplicator != nil{
    let databaseUrl = remoteUrl.appendingPathComponent(databaseName)
    var config = ReplicatorConfiguration.init(database: database, target: URLEndpoint.init(url: databaseUrl))
    config.replicatorType = .pushAndPull
    config.continuous = true
    config.authenticator = BasicAuthenticator(username: user, password: password)
    let userChannel = "channel.\(user)"
    config.channels = [userChannel]
    pushPullReplicator = Replicator.init(config: config)
    pushPullReplicatorListener = pushPullReplicator?.addChangeListener({ (change) in
        let s = change.status
        switch s.activity {
        case .busy:
            print("Busy transferring data")
        case .connecting:
            print("Connecting to Sync Gateway")
        case .idle:
            print("Replicator in Idle state")
        case .offline:
            print("Replicator in offline state")
        case .stopped:
            print("Completed syncing documents")

        if s.progress.completed == s.progress.total {
            print("All documents synced")
        else {
             print("Documents \(s.progress.total - s.progress.completed) still pending sync")

Here is my database config

“bucket”: “receipts”,
“num_index_replicas”: 0,
“import_docs”: true,
“name”: “receipts”,
“guest”: {
“disabled”: false
“delta_sync”: {
“enable_shared_bucket_access”: true,
“sync”: function sync(doc, oldDoc){ channel("channel."+doc.email); }

When I reconfig database there is new document in database called _sync:local:checkpoint/cp-aKhDXYcvGqbUrVmQkZAFoLWG+XY= and it contains {“time”:1649323584,“local”:1,“remote”:4,"_rev":“0-2”}

What do you mean by “reconfig your database”?

Updating database config with /{db}/_config