Pulling specific documents automatically on an instance of couchbase lite

We have two instances of couchbase lite running, one each on two different C#/Xamarin apps. We can successfully push and pull data to the server manually with standard push and pull replication on both apps, but for a specific type of document we want each couchbase lite to pull documents of said type whenever they get added to the proper couchbase server.

Just because of the structure of the project I also don’t have direct access to our Couchbase Sync so I can’t set anything up on that end. It pretty much has to all be local to the lite instances.

Ryan L.

If you don’t have an exact idea, any tips would be appreciated.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past couple days on and off.

Lite doesn’t have the ability to filter what it receives in a pull. You will have to get access to the Sync side of things (Sync Gateway). This is one of the use cases for channels.