Proper pattern for bg updates with CBLUITableSource?

I have the following “recipe” in a POC:

We are NOT using the CB Sync facilities - we’re evaluating those, but this is a POC for CBLite itself and we have a lot of existing sync code so we’re just tying into that. (The application currently uses Realm.)

Here’s what we are experiencing. When we FIRST start the app and open this view, the results are correct and sorted properly. However, as soon as the server sends a list of updated records, the table begins to show data out of sort order.

The current sync protocol is not very smart - it sends more data than it needs to. So it may re-send records even if they don’t need to be updated. But even so, we would expect that an in-place update of a document, basically setting fields to their current/already-set values, would not affect the index. Instead, the updated records are bumped to the top of the tableview, disregarding the original sort order of the view/query.

Is there an approved/expected pattern for this type of operation?

It sounds like the created field is getting updated more than it should. If that is the case then newer records will move to the top.