Problems with REST API with pools

So the documentation for the rest API states that the pools and clusters configured are available by calling /pools. When I do that on my configured server it only returns default for the name, when I never configured a default cluster or pool, and doesn’t list the correctly configured pool.

Is there a definitive way to get a list of the configured pools? Is it some other REST API call that isn’t in the documentation. Is there another way to get at this data.

Backstory, I’m working on a chef recipe that will setup XDCR automatically. Ideally I want to pass a single remote node IP to recipe and have it query the appropriately configured cluster, and buckets, and setup the XDCR reference, and configure replication automatically. Unfortunately the documented API call returns incorrect data or the wrong values (i.e. stating the only pool is default, when in fact it isn’t).


If you call this URI


you will have the list of buckets (the name default here is not related to the bucket)

The you can access the bucket information by adding the bucket name to this URI



Thanks, but XDCR requires the cluster name, and the reference must be configured with the cluster name or replication fails. I take it is just impossible to get the list of configured clusters.