Problem with 'Greetings' from discobot

Hi there,
Please to meet you all.

I hope that I write that in the right place and that the question has not been asked yet. I’ve looked around the forum and haven’t found a similar question elsewhere.

I was doing the ‘Greetings’ script from discobot and there is a step that seems impossible to accomplish.
I know I can skip it, but it seems to me like a pretty important function.

The problem is when discobot asks to make a search ‘in topic’, I can’t seem to find where that button is supposed to be. The button at the top of the page allows to search through the whole forum and such research doesn’t allow me to find the capybara picture back.

I checked in Chrome’s developer tools for the website to show as a mobile device and I also tested it on my cellphone directly, in case that would be a factor.
However, the problem was worst, as in these cases I don’t even see the search bar anymore,

I suppose that it is me that don’t figure something, because I don’t understand how would people search for anything otherwise.

Otherwise, I just discovered Couchbase and find it to be a very interesting technology. I’ll probably be around in the next weeks, pestering you with questions.
So thanks in advance for all your work.