Possible bug: can not drop primary index in Couchbase 7.0 Beta

I’m programmatically creating primary indexes for collections - these indexes are created by a test.

Above created primary indexes can not be deleted either through the UI or through Query.

Track via MB-39609

UI trying to send the drop on bucket vs collection. In mean time use explicit drop statement mentioned below.

This is named primary index. Can you try the following thing.

DROP INDEX `default-default-cihcs-Parent_c-primary`  ON `default`.`default`.`cihcs-Parent_c`;
DROP INDEX `default`.`default`.`cihcs-Parent_c`.`default-default-cihcs-Parent_c-primary`;

Also checkout about specific index present or not (in query)

select * from system:indexes;
select * from system:all_indexes;

Check indexes status in indexer.

curl -v user:pass@indexerhost:9102/getIndexStatus

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Thanks, below worked:

DROP INDEX `default-default-cihcs-Parent_c-primary`  ON `default`.`default`.`cihcs-Parent_c`;