Please use NuGet correctly

Thanks for feedback, I’ve updated a ticket about similar issue with your comments

Your NuGet packages have several problems.

  1. You take binary dependencies on other things which are available via NuGet, but you’re shipping those binaries yourself. You should be taking a package dependency instead, so that things can be referenced and versioned correctly.
  2. Your “Couchbase with Logging” package should be an additive package that takes a package dependency on your “Couchbase” package, rather than shipping an entirely separate copy of the assembly. This causes linking conflicts.
  1. RestSharp cannot be used in the NuGet package, because it is an unsigned assembly. It’s being removed in the next release. Hammock will also be removed.
    Enyim.Caching is built against a fork of the original, so that dependency cannot come from NuGet.
  2. The NuGet package now includes logging dependencies. The logging NuGet package stopped being shipped separately two releases ago. Though I’d like to see an additive package, most users have preferred not having to take a second step to add logging references. I will however update those projects to use the NuGet packages for NLog and log4net.