PHP SKD 2.0 Query Problem - Undefined property

I am having an issue using the PHP SKD 2.0 to query a view.

I have connected to the couchbase cluster.

$this->couchConnection = new \CouchbaseCluster(yada yada yada);
$this->couchBucket = $this->couchConnection->openBucket(bucketname);

This works fine, I can perform get, set, upsert and remove quite easily on the documents in this bucket.
However, if I then try to perform a query like the following code…

$this->couchBucket->query(\CouchbaseViewQuery::from($document, $view));

The error occurs.
Undefined property: _CouchbaseDefaultViewQuery::$view

I have split apart the \CouchbaseViewQuery::from($document, $view) part and it creates what it is meant to fine, the issue seems to be there is something wrong with the ->query, I get the same result I believe when I use the ->_view function.

When I query the REST api to use the same views it works as expected.

Any help here would be great cause I would rather go into production using the SDK than cURL requests.


Hey Daniel,

I have created a ticket to track this here: This will be fixed prior to our next minor release scheduled for the first Tuesday of November.

Cheers, Brett

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Hey willewolle,

Unfortunately, the release that went out today contained a typo that continues to cause the CouchbaseN1qlQuery class to miss-behave. A fix is however available on GitHub.

Cheers, Brett