PHP SDK - Compatible with PHP 5.6?

Hey Couchbasers,
I am attempting to determine if PHP 5.6 is compatible with the couchbase PHP SDK 2.0.3(latest).

I have a system running couchbase server 2.0.1 with PHP 5.4 via Zend Server. I upgraded Zend Server to the new 8 BETA with PHP 5.6. After the upgrade completes it states that my couchbase extension is not compatible…please make it match. I do some research and decide to try the new CB3. After removing couchbase 2.0.1 and installing 3.0.1, I follow the CSDK(2.4) PHP SDK(2.0.3) installation and all looks fine.
The Couchbase server is running. I create a dummy PHP couchbase page:

     $cb = new Couchbase("", "Administrator", "couchbasepassword", "Session");
     $cb->set("a", 101);

and after running /usr/local/zend/bin/php /var/www/html/couchbasetest.php it outputs:

“Fatal error: Class ‘Couchbase’ not found in /var/www/html/couchbasetest.php on line 2”

After looking around I decide to see if 5.6 is not compatible. The PECL page shows that it is compatible with version 5.3.0 and higher. The couchbase PHP SDK page indicates only 5.5 and 5.4

So is it compatible?

Hey Shockwavecs,

While we do not currently test against PHP 5.6 (and relatedly don’t precompile the extension for 5.6 on Windows), the extension should work fine under this new version. It does however look as though you are using the old 1.x SDK’s API’s (new Couchbase rather than new CouchbaseCluster) with the new 2.x series. You should consider investigating the documentation available here:

Cheers, Brett

Brett, in a different post, I requested a little guidance on the 2.0.3 PHP sdk with respect to durability and API timeout length.

Any additional information, the link you provided does not provide any detail on this.

Oops, I also forgot to add readfromreplicas after the timeout elapses on read.