Phongap Couchbase-lite rest call _changes getting 400 response status where it was working fine in Android


Phongap Couchbase-lite rest call GET /{db}/_changes?descending=true&feed=longpoll getting 400 response status in IOS where it was working fine in Android.

Note: Am using very latest version from

Except _changes all other rest calls like queryview _all_docs working fine.

Please suggest.

It looks like the iOS REST API doesn’t support the descending query parameter. Can you send the request without that parameter? I don’t really know what’s the use case for using a descending query parameter on the changes feed. Changes are always returned by sequence number (most recent changes first).


@jamiltz yes you are right…But first time doing replicate firing change event with all documents so using decending.

Ok, looking into it a bit more, the descending option works with feed=normal only. For example:


Created a documentation ticket to make that clearer in the docs.