Performance of bucket.flush on a VM in VirtualBox

When developing locally I tend use Vagrant to create VMs of our stack and do my local development. We are migrating to couchbase from another db and the tests would do a “reformat” on the data so that we didn’t have any left over data in between runs. In order to maintain the same behavior using Couchbase we are calling the flush command.

The issue I have stumbled across is that it seems like running a flush in a VM in VirtualBox runs a lot slower than using the same command on a locally installed native Couchbase server. I did some simple tests and it looks the the flush command when run in the VM is taking about 10 secs to flush, but only about 2 secs to do the same thing if I used the Mac installation of Couchbase.

Has anybody else came across this issue? I’m hoping the answer is simple like - change the setting, or even just the confirmation that flush is just slower when ran on Virtualbox.


I came across this blog post which has the same problem. It looks like this might be a known issue -