Passing kC4ReplicatorOptionChannels to Sync Gateway via C4SocketFactory


I’m trying to understand how should I pass the replicator channel option to Sync Gateway via C4SocketFactory. I’m implementing my C4SocketFactory in order to have SSL support.

In the implementation I can’t see kC4ReplicatorOptionChannels being used and therefore I don’t know how pass that information up the web socket.

Thanks in advance!



That value is sent by the replicator in a WebSocket (well, BLIP) message after the connection opens, so you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

BTW, we just released an alpha of Couchbase Lite for C, which is our official public C API. It’s easier to use than LiteCore and we’ll be supporting it going forward.

@jens thanks for your feedback. In the mean time I have been able to comprove that by myself.

What’s the repository for Couchbase Lite C? Is it the same as couchbase-lite-core?