Partial restore using cbrestore

  • Couchbase Server Version : 6.6.0
  • The command that was executed :
/opt/couchbase/bin/cbrestore <<backup-path>> http://localhost:8091 -u <<Username>> -p <<Password>> --bucket-source=<<Name>> --bucket-destination=<<Name>>
  • The error message that is produced
Mid-transaction data have being rolled backed and restored, but transactional atomicity cannot be guaranteed.
2020-11-25 13:27:33,368: s0 error: async operation: error: opaque mismatch: 1 0 on sink: http://localhost:8091(b'places'@b'')
error: opaque mismatch: 1 0

The backup Item count was : 185,801
After restore its : 134,656


I just had a look at this issue, it appears there is a bug on cbrestore that causes errors when there where mid flight transactions in the backup. I have opened a ticket for it MB-42967

This will be fixed in the next mayor release. Note that cbresotre and cbbackup will be deprecated in favour of cbbackupmgr. cbbackupmgr is not affected by this bug and will be available for the 1st time in Community Edition in 7.0.


@Carlos_Gonzalez: Thanks for the info.
Do you have any timeline or Planned release date.

We also found out
Some of our SpringBoot projects were using a CB java library, specifically the Transaction api (Transaction v1.1.0 (August 12th)), which wasn’t fully compatible with CB 6.5