Parameterize the couchbase.subdocument.path field

Hi, I am using Kafka Sink Connector for Couchbase.

I have a field in the Couchbase document which is productIds. This field is a map for storing productIds. So, I want to add new productId to this map. But when I set productIds to field couchbase.subdocument.path. The field is overwritten with new data and old values are gone in the map.

So, I want to parametrize the field couchbase.subdocument.path like productIds.{productId}. So I will hope that when I pass a productId in the event will be retrieved and the variable will be use for sub document operation. And the existing values will not gone.

How can I achieve this?

The sample document content like this:
Document key: 987

    memberId: 987
    productIds: {
        "123": true,
        "235": true,
        "245": true

@david.nault do you have any opinion for this?

Hi @sinkconnector,

I’m not aware of a way to get the connector to update a JSON object like that, unless you write a custom SinkHandler.

If productIds were an array, you might be able to use couchbase.subdocument.operation = ARRAY_APPEND to append the value of the Kafka record to the array.


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