Ottoman memory leak on open connection

I use Ottoman ORM for couchbase but have some problems
I open connections to base
let connection = ottoman.connect (dbConfig); connection.model("Account", accountSchema);

and keep it open all the time the server is running,
noticed that the amount of memory consumed is constantly increasing. In the test, I disabled all controls, there are no requests to the server

Hello @Lenty_Me, may we know which version of Ottoman are you using ?

I am using “ottoman”: “^2.0.0-alpha.8” Then I do connection.close(); memory is not leak . But i do not want reopen connection

Good to see you trying out our alpha version, the documentation is here and you can file any issues or questions via our GitHub as well.

Hope you are following the documentation above. Ottoman should not be adding any overhead to connections.

Hey @Lenty_Me,

Take a look at the linked issue for more information about the memory leak. Note that it has been fixed since you first replied and is available in the 3.1.0 release which shipped this week.

Cheers, Brett