Ottoman connection to cluster


I’m currently trying to create a connection to multiple CB buckets that is on a cluster. My cluster is a comma separated string of IP addresses. I’m looking at the API docs and I can’t seem to find a way for Ottoman to address that.

I’m not quite sure if Ottoman is managing the cluster connections automagically. currently I’m just executing ottoman.connect() for every IP address. That currently is working however I’m not sure if it’s really using the cluster connection.

When I try to create a cluster connection to a new bucket I encounter an error.

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thank you in advance…

PS. Currently I am still using Ottoman v2.0.0-alpha.18

Hi @vlimjap thanks for reaching out . Ottoman instance is used to connect to a single cluster, if you need to connect to multiple cluster’s you will need multiple instances of Ottoman one for each cluster.

Any specific reason why you were using alpha version. Can you start using beta ?
Also you can reach out for any Ottoman issues here you will get answers more quickly as many developers are active on this forum.

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