OSX 10.12 (Sierra) support for SyncGateway

I’ve been waiting patiently for a version of Sync Gateway that works on OSX 10.12 for several months now. Is there anything in the pipeline?

When I run Sync Gateway 1.3.1 with CBS 4.6.0 it dies after a few minutes with fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution


Did you open a github issue against Sync Gateway for this problem?

I have not seen this issue for local builds of the current master branch, I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.

You could try building Sync Gateway from source with golang 1.7.

IIRC this is an issue with Go’s runtime library, not specifically with SG. Newer versions of Go have resolved the problem. @andy, is SG 1.3.1 built with a version of Go that includes the compatibility fix?

SG 1.3.1 was built with golang pre 1.7, I found this ticket covering the issue and the linked ticket to upgrade the SG build to use golang 1.7.

Sync Gateway has been released with a fix for this issue, and is available from the download page.

I can confirm that building Sync Gateway from source with GoLang 1.7 seems to resolve the issue. I have not tried the released new build yet.

Build does also seem to resolve the issue. Cheers.

@sbarlow Glad to hear it, and apologies for the poor communication on the updated build.