Order by date a result query

Hi, there is a way to order the result of a query by a date field? Or I can do that only with the result array?

Version: 2.0 Build 16
Client OS: iOS 10.3
Server: -

Have you looked at orderBy

Query .select(s)

I don’t know why, when I try to insert the orderBy inside the query, the result of rows is zero, bug of couchbase lite?

Are you sure you have the right property specified and it exists?

Yes absolutely. If i use a property that doesn’t exist or if i don’t use .orderBy, rows contains the right values, but not ordered.

What is the type of the date field?

Is a string in RFC3339 format, like this: “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssZZZZZ”

This is the query:


Can you share a sample JSON document that you are trying to query. I suspect something in the structure that is not aligned with the query.

I just did a quick test by creating two documents with a Date field and ran a query and it worked as expected

  let prop1 = [
        "type": "test",
        "title" : "doc_101"
    let doc1 = Document(dictionary: prop1)
    doc1.setDate(Date(), forKey: "date")
    try? db.save(doc1)
    let prop2 = [
        "type": "test",
        "title" : "doc_102"
    let doc2 = Document(dictionary: prop2)
    doc2.setDate(Date(), forKey: "date")
    try? db.save(doc2)

My query :

 let searchQuery1 = Query.select(SelectResult.all())

sorts the results as expected!

Fixed :slight_smile: thanks for your support!

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