Ops/sec is too high on bucket even after stopping xdcr


After enabling the xdcr from one cluster to another cluster ops/sec is become too high on single bucket of target cluster. After this i cant access the app or app becomes too slow. I tried stopping XDCR from source to target and from target to source its not seems to be stopping even after 24 hours. Plus i tried restarting server but that doesn’t work as well. Can someone help me whats going one or from where i can diagnose this issue thanks. I am using couchbase community 6.6. When i restart its starts again i have 2 buckets

How are you stopping the XDCR replication? Are you pausing it in the UI? Or deleting it completely?

Probably good to upload your “goxdcr.log” from both source and target to take a look see.