Opening a database raises an exception that storage type is invalid

After upgrading to opening the database fails even though storage type has not been changed on the manager, it says SQLite as it should when I print to the log.

Any ideas?


at Couchbase.Lite.Database.OpenWithOptions (Couchbase.Lite.DatabaseOptions options) [0x000a3] in /Users/borrrden/Development/couchbase-lite-net/src/Couchbase.Lite.Shared/Database.cs:2065
at Couchbase.Lite.Manager.OpenDatabase (System.String name, Couchbase.Lite.DatabaseOptions options) [0x00040] in /Users/borrrden/Development/couchbase-lite-net/src/Couchbase.Lite.Shared/Manager.cs:350
at Couchbase.Lite.Manager.GetDatabase (System.String name) [0x0000f] in /Users/borrrden/Development/couchbase-lite-net/src/Couchbase.Lite.Shared/Manager.cs:367

This was caused by the Xamarin linker stripping out something it should not have done. As I am just an iOS guy I will pass on the task to find out what --linkskip options we need to add to our .Net guru. I am sure that any hints what might have been stripped out erroneously would be appreciated.


Is this the same issue you posted before? Or a different one? The one you posted should only happen once and is safe to ignore. The plugin system has been reworked for 1.2.1 so this will be irrelevant soon too.