Observing and monitoring replications in Phonegap / Cordova applications


I would like to know how can I monitor replication process in phonegap application. There are platform specific examples here http://developer.couchbase.com/mobile/develop/guides/couchbase-lite/native-api/replication/index.html#observing but I couldn’t find one for hybrid apps.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Braivo,

The /active_tasks endpoint returns the registered replications with the status (if the replication is active then the value for status looks like Processed 3 / 20 changes). You can use this info to get the replication progress. You can find more info about it from slide 30 here.

We’re in the process of adding guides similar to the one you pointed out but for the CBLite REST API so thanks for your patience and feel free to ask questions here.

Let me know if it’s working.


Thank You for the help.
Everything works.