Null Local Check Point in cblite

Please find the cblite db values. For some reason, the local check point is null for one of (Push or Pull). Due to this pull is not working from Couchbase Server to cblite. This started happening this morning and was working pretty well for the past month. Any help is very much appreciated. Is there a reason why after syncing this would get updated to null instead of a real sequence number.

That wouldn’t be a reason for replication not to work.
Please describe the actual problems you’re seeing with replication, including any relevant log messages.

Thank you Jens for the reply. Actually we had a Prod issue today where with views _design/sync_gateway and _design/housekeeping which were stuck on the Couchbase Server. This caused an outage not to sync any documents and an outage in the field. We have a ticket with Couchbase and waiting to hear back from them. Not sure what could cause this indexing job to be stuck and not complete sucessfully. It was stuck since 3 am this morning. Any new system would have unknowns.We are open to any suggestions and changes that could prevent this from happening again.