Nube Problem building ToDoLite

Wanted to tryout CouchbaseLite. New to Mac OS X. Running Xcode 6.4 on OS X 10.10.5. I followed the instructions but I continually get this problem. I assume it’s a simple path problem, but cannot seem to resolve it.

On #import <CouchbaseLite/CouchbaseLite.h> <-- CouchbaseLite/CouchbaseLite.h file not found.

Any help to someone new to this environment would be appreciated.

Are you trying to build a Mac or an iOS app?

I’m not sure which instructions you followed, but there are some good ones here.

It does sound like a search-path issue, but adding the framework to the project, and the app target, will automatically add it to the compiler’s header search path. When you drag the framework into the project to add it, make sure you check the app target in the sheet that appears.

Thanks Jens.

I’m using these instructions and targeting an iPhone 5 simulator:

Wanted to upload a window grab but it wouldn’t let me. Looks like search path setting is correct:


and I triple checked CouchbaseLite.framework is in there with the .h file in question under there.

OK, I’m not sure what it is you’re doing and what happens. (It’s not clear what search path you’re looking at, and it definitely doesn’t look correct.) Can you please describe the steps you’re following, starting from the beginning?