Npm install couchbase error to Mac M1

I can’t install with npm couchbase on my vuejs project.
I’m on a Mac M1 and I think this is the problem.
Below is the error

npm ERR! command failed

npm ERR! command sh -c prebuild-install || cmake-js compile

npm ERR! [

npm ERR! '/usr/local/bin/node',

npm ERR! '/Users/arnaud/Desktop/Template/vuexy-admin-v8.0.0/vue-version/vuexy-bootstrapvue/vuexy-starter-kit-couchdb/node_modules/.bin/cmake-js',

npm ERR! 'compile'

npm ERR! ]

npm ERR! prebuild-install warn install No prebuilt binaries found (target=18.3.0 runtime=node arch=arm64 libc= platform=darwin)

npm ERR! info TOOL Using Unix Makefiles generator.

npm ERR! info REP Build has been failed, trying to do a full rebuild.

npm ERR! ERR! OMG CMake executable is not found. Please use your system's package manager to install it, or you can get installers from there:

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:

Best regard

Hi @burotica

Currently, nodejs 18 is not supported. Would you be able to try 16

Thank you for your help