Not change data at Web Platform when added document using sync_gateway

I am working on a realtime application . I added a document from mobile apps using sync_gateway .But didn’t change at web automatically . What do i need for this?
Please explain

you should use SG _changes API to monitor the changed data, then trigger the UI’s rerender from web application.

do i need to edit config.json file for this? Or, i will request this api every 5 sec for any changes?

No, it is the similarly as the _changes API in CBLite.


Documentation for the _changes endpoint using HTTP GET is here:!/database/get_db_changes

And for HTTP POST is here:!/database/post_db_changes

Changes can be one shot, in which case you need to manage the scheduling, or you can request a continuous changes feed.

@jislam150 this post might help.